Track rejected, we're super confused ?!?

Hi guys ,

We’re new to this community but we’re enjoying every second of it. Of course no one likes his track beeing rejected , and we alredy got some music rejected , but this time , we’re sure they deserve to have a chance on the market , especially ‘‘epic’’ music track. We are interested what community thinks about our music , and this two track especially. Please be brutally honest about these track . Thank you guys ! :slight_smile: Cheers

Listening on the phone, but Erotic sounds good to me. What category did you submit to? Sometimes you have to spell things out for the reviewer.
I think if you call it Lofi Hip Hop Sax and submit to the Hip Hop category it would be accepted.

Hi @EightBallAudio , thank you for your reply . We’re not sure which category was selected it was 15 days ago , and to be honest we work a lot , it’s a miracle that we know to pronounce our names :slight_smile: But what job responsibilities do guys from review team have , if they can’t soft reject it and tell us that category is wrong.
We would really like that some staff members hear this tracks , and explain us why are they beeing rejected instead of sending us generic answer :

‘‘But, this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.’’

We know that guys from Envato suff work a lot and they don’t have time to respond to all of us , but we put a lot of effort into these tracks , and listened them through couple of pairs od monitors (Adam A7, JBL 305, NS10) and hi fi speakers , and if nothing , they sound suitable for AJ to us.

I listened epic…
wow, powerful track! nice voices and energy… I think you need to build more transitional effects to link the different parts of different intensity…
from 0:7 to 0:32 you use a drum… I don’t know I don’t like much this… it’s just a personal feeling. maybe doing a similar think with more classical taikos at medium or low level could work.
Anyway, I think it’s a nice track :slight_smile: you did this with good quality…
good luck!

Thank you for your response @audiolfiles ! I get what you thinking , but we’re talking about polishing stuff and fine tuning. Maybe we would have done something different today (regarding intro) , but I’m not sure that it’s legit way to reject track like this . We’re truly dissapointed with staff decision.

Reviewers do not give detailed responses, ever.

You will increase your chances of acceptance by submitting to the correct category. What may be rejected in Ambient might get accepted in Experimental and so on.

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Ok @EightBallAudio maybe we did submit erotic to wrong category, but what about epic ? do you have any thoughts on that track. It is definitely epic track :slight_smile:

Knowing that they are part of Envato Staff team I wonder what @BenLeong and @AurusAudio think about this topic.

I’ll check out the epic track when I get into my studio.

You are allowed to resubmit tracks only if “changes” are made. The good news is, there’s no clear-cut rules what those changes need to be or how extensive. :wink:

Hehe , thanks a lot @EightBallAudio . You have a beer from us ! :slight_smile:

@AurusAudio is an author, not staff. And @benleong’s job has nothing to do with reviewing music.

I tend to agree with @audiolfiles, there is not enough transitional effects between the different parts. The strings coming in at 0:31 are much too abrupt.

The whole intro is way too long in regards to how much is going on during that time. There are also some minor level drop issues.


Hi @PurpleFog , thank you for your response. Ok , I personally feel that 30 sec intro is not that long in 2:30 music track , but ok , I get your point, our intros will be shorter from now on. Do you have any opinion on Erotic track ? Thanks in advance .

Hi AudioRibs!

The tracks are good, but reviews are getting stricter.

Regarding the Epic track, the thing is that there are thousands and thousands of tracks that sound pretty much exactly the same. It would have to really stand out to make it, but I don’t feel this one does. The transitions at 0:30 and 1:43 are not to my liking. There is a very distracting beep in the right speaker that would take the focus away from any video it was used with.

Also, the ostinato is a bit harsh and unnatural for my taste.

The second track is cool, I like it! I don’t know if you did it already, but I would make a version without the vinyl noise and the breath sounds - it would make it more useful. You can still include the other version as an alternative.

Vinyl noises are cool, but imagine the track being used at low volume in a video with a voiceover. Those crackling sounds would stand out and it might not be really clear that it’s intentional.


Hi @Flumen, thanks for your response. Before we opened our Audio Ribs account we had a study for about 6 months. We got a feeling that all best sellers are preety much template music, at one point there were 3 almost identical corporate tracks (same beat, same harmony not even transposed , same theme) in best sellers , that doen’t mean that we want to make template music, because that’s boring to us, and We get the idea of stricter reviewing , cause the market is overwhelmed with music tracks , and we personally like that idea. We cannot upload ‘‘Erotic’’ music track without vinyl noise because it was hard rejected like ‘‘Epic’’ track.

One more interesting thing is that if you type epic in your search and look into recent files beeing uploaded , we really think that our ‘‘Epic’’ would stand out from those tracks.Don’t get us wrong, we are not ‘‘Nose in the air’’ type of guys, neither we think we’re Mozzart and Kurt Cobain , but we feel that those two tracks are deserving to be on the market. There must be some kind of supervisor for Envato Stuff Reviewing team , and we would like to hear his thought on our rejected tracks. Thank you guys for beeing so responsive, we’re glad to be part of something great like this community !

Never going to happen. On to the next track.

Yeah , we thought so :frowning: thanks @EightBallAudio

I only listened on my phone but the epic track sound like it just needs a few small changes. The overall mix is a little muddy when everything is playing. Maybe not mix and more orchestration.
I think the string pattern is too fast and ends up sounding messy. I’d replace them with a more percussive synth or marimba and opt for the strings playing the arpeggiated sequence half the speed, that way it will sound ‘cleaner’ but keep the energy.
Just my opinion

The safest way is to compose clones of verified, selling songs. If you want to make original music, I advise you to offer your portfolio to other platforms (there are quite a lot of them, I can not list them here).

As for the epic tracks, in my opinion, it has errors in the mix(the sound), the composition is also quite unstable. (write a private message, I will review it more “in depth”, if you want some constructive feedback)
Erotic, I have no objections, beautiful composition and sound. It is possible that the reviewer is a type of “Cinematic - template - Corporate - Ukulele music” , and he recognized that the song has no commercial potential OR just judged you as competitor for his sales and recognized that the work is a threat (but this is the conspiracy theory of the man whose last work was rejected :slight_smile:

Good luck, with what quality of music like “Erotic” I would suggest looking for success on other platforms. (I would gladly share the addresses of these platforms if you are interested).

Good luck :wink:

I don’t totally agree with the fact you have to copy what works here to be approved…
I try to always be me and I was surprised to see that it works well. Also surprised to see that the “sexy/erotic” thing sells well here! (my figures are very low, but yet, my best seller is a sexy track!)