ThemeForest review queue delays.

Hey there everyone Max here from the Quality Team.

I just wanted to give you an update on the current status of the ThemeForest review queues.

Our team has been hard at work dealing with a plugin security incident that has affected a range of products on the market. As a result of this we have had less resources available to review items submitted to ThemeForest which has seen us fall behind.

Currently the wait time for items submitted to ThemeForest sits at around 14 days. However, the good news is that the review time will progressively get faster as everything returns to normal.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience - And wish you all the very best with your submissions!

Cheers, Max.


Thanks for info. But Faster Means 7 to 10 days ? or More Faster ?

Bug in your thread :wink:



Staff and Themeforest tags are invisible…

Edit - Sorry its not in your thread bug - @scottwills its in overall forum bug

Hi there Muse_Master! We are growing our team to meet capacity demands which will hopefully mean an overall drop in the wait times - So yes, hopefully faster! :smile:


Guys, when more reviewers will be hired? We are hearing this from past few months? Half a month goes to approve a product. Feels like this is turning into review time :frowning:

I’m waiting 13 days. image Please check this. :cry:


Thank You Max, finally we know what happened… :smiley:

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Does this WP bug cause review delays to other themeforest categories as well? I mean for simple one page micro-sites such as marketing themes and html themes… :confused:

Yes, the Visual Composer issue. They have the same review team to do this work as well. :smiley:

Thanks Max for the feedback. :cry: :grin:

yeah, me 8 days

10 Days for a simple HTML Coming Soon template… It’s faster to build it than wait the review now.


Are we ever going to see review times like before – 3 to 6 days ?

10 Days in the Qu. Still Waiting hope the reviewer will speed up the things.

I feel bad for the reviewers. As this is yet another consequence of Envato’s ridiculous stance on allowing themes to bundle in premium plugins.


They don’t mean it will be faster, it will just be back to NORMAL as it was before the security plugins issue (so reviewers got themes resubmited for a review).

So…14 days is normal (fast) :slight_smile:

I believe it is not only visual composer bug… it is not normal that this can affect other categories as well. I thought codecanyon reviewers and themeforest reviewers are 2x separate teams or is there only one team that deals with all envato categories (which would explain the delayed reviews in all categories…). :eyes:

Hey max,

So I already knew what was going on.
I have just two soft reject products today with 12 and 13 days in review process.

Thank you.

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so, each time there is an issue with most used plugins, these delays will be getting more and more ?
and authors are getting being affected from this. we cant say that there would not be security issue a week later. and again delays.
maybe envato should somehow find a solution for this ? or there should be another way bundling these plugins with extended license ?


Bundling should be stopped. Plugin developers as well as buyers will benefit from this.