Review delay!

I’m asking about the review time of items on ThemeForest.

Since almost 4 months, review process became taking higher delay, not less than 7 days and up to 10 days or more! So is there a specific reason for that, or this will be the upcoming approach?!

Also, do you think delays differs from category to another?

I think envato is growing too fast for its own health. There is an exponential amount of new submissions each and every day, and I am not sure how many reviewers have been added in the last few months.

I know at least one, since he reviewed my last submission (after 10 days indeed).

And, from the vibe in the forums, I can tell a lot of these new submissions are from new authors that are experiencing growing pains - see how many “item rejected” topics are created daily.

This is gives a lot of work to the poor reviewers, and of course extends the length of the review queue.

Be patient, and hope for the best :smile:

Thanks simonswiss

I can be temporary patient, but i can’t be if this will be the upcoming usual approach :smiley:

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Almost 15 days wayting for theme review under Themeforest / CMS themes, and still nothing… Probably they are deciding if they should laugh or cry with my CMS… :thinking::rofl:

Well… Themeforest review time = 18 days (and increasing) :sob:

The same thing with Audiojungle