Review Time

Hi Everybody, I uploaded new wordpress theme. 9 days passed in the queue and it is still waiting. It is normal? This is the first time coming to me.


It can take upto 14 days. :frowning:

That’s incredible. Previously it lasted much shorter.

8 days and counting here :tired_face:

We have the same problems… :frowning:

no! nooo! 7days and still waiting :frowning: I knew that review time is max 6days :frowning:

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12 days and still counting here. But the theme is temporarily held state, hope to get response soon :smile:

@scottwills: this is a serious problem and Envato need to improve it, there are lots of room for that kinda improvements, such as: auto reviewing system on item submission, provide cloud theme checking system for authors (for ThemeForest authors) instead of ThemeCheck + ThemeForest Check (which is always out-dated), …
This will save Envato reviewers lots of effort, more quality items, more sales, more revenue for all Envato + Authors.
My 2 cents.

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That’s in 2016 roadmap.

I have submitted my item 8 days ago and still waiting. The longest I had to wait so far was 5 days. I don’t know why this is happening.

It’s really frustrating when I need to wait 10-11 days to get answer from reviewers.

I remember topic when was declared ‘everything is going back to normal blabla 5-6 days’.

To say is one thing, and to do is another.

Greetings, Piotr

As I recall, they promised to hire more reviewers.

It’s not so bad ( not great ) for those starting out and those that do it part time along another income but for those that rely on themeforest for their income - 10 - 11 days is big.

What concerns me is if the reviewers have such a huge workload is that responses are going to be very quick cut and paste responses and I’m not going to know what’s wrong if it’s rejected then have to do the wait again.

Some things all reviewers will agree on, typography etc. However taste is subjective and varies per reviewer.