WordPress Theme Review Times now 10 days?



WordPress Theme Review Times are dropped to the good old 10 days. Is this permanent?


Im sure youve been here long enough to know that review times are always going to vary, and nothing is ever permanent!


I have submitted WP theme before 7 days. Here is say http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest it is around 12 days.

But, I think it much much longer (like for Site Templates - 20 days). There is one power elite author who has 4 approved themes in last 6 days (probably there are more power elite author who has submitted items in previous week) and they are going over the line (they are always first in line), so, the average time per theme is lower, and that is the reason why the Theme Review Times is 12 days - but in real, I think it is much longer.


No actually, I got a message from one of my friends, he said that he got his first theme review in 10 days.


It was permanent before 2015 I believe when Envato’s focus was undivided. Sweet 7 to 10 days.


That are great news :slight_smile:


Well something that used to happen more often than not, but doesn’t now… can’t really be classed as permanent. And although it may have been 7 to 10 days on the whole (not just 10 days), I’m sure there were several occasions when it was 6 days or 11 days. There is no possible way for anybody to guarantee that it will be 10 days from now on, until the end of time. The queue will always vary based on the following factors…

  1. How many items are uploaded.
  2. The complexity of those items.
  3. How many reviewers they have.
  4. Reviewer sickness, absence, annual leave.

Just one of those makes it extremely difficult to guarantee review times. All four combined, and it’s impossible.

I’m pretty sure this has absolutely nothing to do with it. The review team’s focus is purely on reviewing… it was in 2014 and it is now. Moving to the US, charging VAT, withholding taxes, author’s fees, buyer’s fees etc etc… the review team don’t really care about all that nonsense. The senior management team might be focusing here there and everywhere… but they’re not the ones reviewing. Unless they have made cuts to the review team or specifically asked them to review slower… which I’ve not heard about.

It’s not like the standard of cleaning at Envato HQ has been slipping, as the cleaners are constantly worrying about how the Elements banner or GST might impact on their tea break, or the brand of massage chair polish they use.


I got my wp theme reviewed very fast - around 10 days :)))


I believe cuts were made or else why the review times would pile to over 1 month.


Yes, now the review time is 10 days to be precise. But, we don’t know how long this will stay.


See all of the reasons listed in my last post. You only need a minor change in one or more of those factors to increase a queue considerably.


My last Themeforest item took 24 days. I hope the next will be faster. #enjoy