One day for WordPress Review?

I don’t believe in that … My last item was added 10 days ago ,when queue was 6 days. So today I remove item from queue and tomorrow it will be reviewed ? I will be surprised.

No, your item will be reviewed in +10 days. The 1 day review time is not the real review timeframe

Nope, we are waiting quite a while now…

f… :slight_smile:

You should take number in call it X
Real review time is Y
Y = (X + 150)/(2017-2006)
2006 is the year Ta’eed founded Envato
j/k :smile:


:smiley: :smiley: LOL

That’s the spirit. Till the theme gets reviewed, do anything else :sunny:

But one time when queue was 6 days I got my reviewer after 4 days … I console myself, I know :slight_smile:

6 days was the average between 4 and 8 :slight_smile: . Some items gets reviewed faster than other items. Even so there should be a queue for items to be reviewed…