[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times



Please post the current upload/resubmission review times you are facing on the ThemeForest website here.

Discussion is welcome :slight_smile:

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I have uploaded http://quality.market.envato.com/ has 8 Day review. It’s been almost 14 days now http://quality.market.envato.com/ is set 14.

I think so many themes are uploaded into Themeforest. Envato need more Good Reviewers.


That’s not an excuse in my book. More themes more income more money more reviewers.


I am on the same boat. It’s been 11 days since I uploaded my new items. They need more reviewers if submission volume is the cause.


I’m in the 19 day…


14 days for me too…


I would say, get used to it and take a break, because this belongs to Envato’s standards. This is an everlasting and returning problem that can’t (or won’t) be tackled somehow. Envato’s support will probably tell you that they are currently hiring (and training) new review staff members. It seems that they hire just enough reviewers to do the job, and when there are staff changes, the authors are screwed (and basically the current reviewers). Eventually the $$$'s are more important then the individuals :unamused:


For as long as we as authors are not united they can do what every they want and there is nothing we as individuals can do. On the other side if we are united we should not go wild with it :smiley: at the bottom who has the power likes to use it :smiley:


Yea well we are already on 15… numbers are just going higher and higher


Can we get to 30? :smiley:


Yeap, mine is 15 days in queue :frowning: really frustrating.


Lol 16 days already…


wow, one month of waiting… is a lot of possible money to get from selling for both - author and Envato, what is happening with you guys @KingDog?

We are reading here that new people are recruted etc. etc. but I don’t see any progress in queue time since… two years? it’s even worst


Can we get an official response regarding these delays? We follow Themeforest requirements all the time, but it looks like you simply ignore to follow yours. Its clearly mentioned that WordPress themes are reviewed within 12 days, but not 18 :frowning:
Update: Just checked http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest they updated the data, now its 16 days officially.


We had similar situation about 3 months ago, were waiting about 3 weeks or so. There is more and discussions about Envato NOT CARING about authors. Same thing is with unfair ratings or just wrong comments from buyers who are sometimes too stupid or too lazy to read documentation. Also more Elite Author are getting involved in those discussions, not only small players. They became a big corpo and as almost every corpo they don’t care about employees or authors in this case.


I think it’s a bit irresponsible to act like that. A three week period of waiting for a company is a lot of time. Some say, well just continue working on other projects, but if you have employees and other projects it really isn’t that simple. We can’t organize our workflow anymore.

It’s a bit sad that we realized that working on premium themes is in nowadays better for freelancers not companies that have employees as Envato rules are a bit ridiculous, and those that are not, are no being followed… Long review times, unjustified ratings, support policy where authors now can give free support after six months… Envato in what have you turned into?? Shame, such a shame…


Its really odd, 19 days in review. Any official response?


Do i need 2be worried ?? Cause the max no. of days to get your item reviewed as per the current status is 17 and i have crossed that… Do i need to contact envato ?? And if soo…how do i do it ??? Pls help


nope, just wait


okk…thanks :slight_smile: