Themeforest Review Times Update

Hi! Seeing that the main topic for the review times update: An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times) was closed we thought of opening a new topic to ask ho things are going.

One of the last posts from Envato’s team was on November 14th 17’ from @JamiGibbs

Seeing that almost 3 months have passed, we’d love to hear an update of how this is going because review times are even worse than before. For example, at this time PSD and HTML templates are at 20 days and Wordpress themes have almost a month of review time, which is really a lot when someone is planning the release of a theme. Believe it or not, a month + (on top of the developing time) is a really long time for a buyer to wait for the release and this results in lost sales.

There were a lot of suggestions in the last topic on how to help decrease the review times, so if someone wants to sharea new idea here, is more than welcome!


Envato Should reduced the review time for wordpress plugins, its too much time for review as there is not rush like wordpress themes?