We are still waiting for our Themeforest item review.



Hi there!

We submit a PSD template on themeforest on 28 June 2016. But still waiting for review. How much more we have to wait for it?? Its already cross the border line.



Its just the awful state of affairs currently

Check this out, one of many items iv got in the queue which has recently hit the 2 months mark

60+ days, no review. Its just the way things are now it seems.


That’s really ridiculous thing of envato!!
They are not following their Review Tunaround.


Correct, I uploaded my HTML template in site templates category 22 days ago. Where quality.envato.com says review for HTML template 17 days its already 22, i think they approve their friends or their own items on first or second days of upload. That’s why average on quality.envato page is different than the actual time. Its very hard for new authors.


That’s really a serious matter for envato quality team and all the authors.
Hope their team will do best in future!


For those whose item get approved its okay! but for them who invest 1 , 2 or even 3 to 6 months to develop an item then , waiting further 1 to 2 months to get review, its about half an year or about complete year wasted when they get hard rejection saying nothing rather than it does not meet our quality guidelines :slight_smile: Seriously…


Review time of WP theme is extended to 3 months. We are waiting for your WP theme for almost 3 months.


Now our sumbission showing following status:
Temporarily held for further review

Does anyone else have experience that status?? And what was the result??


Yes Its mean your item is under review process, and one reviewer forwarded your item to any other reviewer for further review. Now you are near to your destination.