HTML Item review delay....Submitted 34 days ago


HTML Item in Queued for Review (Submitted 34 days ago)

In-fact, after 26 days it turned to “Temporarily hold for further review”. It was a Onepage HTML template. Not sure what’s going on Envato Item review process.

That’s really annoying. Hope it will be better soon.


Its seems looks themeforst reviewers are no more!

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Don’t know what’s their plan for this situation.


Is very sad… From 14 to 25…


Any suggestion what to do??
It’s 26 days running. Still nothing.


Nothing… Just work on other theme and you will got email when will be aprouved… Comments email notifications…

Good luck.

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Yea, I know.
But still this type of time wasting is too much. :frowning:


hi, did you receive answer from reviewers? or still in queue?


There may be no official answer, reviewers are too busy reviewing constantly growing queue of submitted items. People are submitting new items on a daily basis.

I realize it may be frustrating to wait so long for your work to be reviewed, however you all need is patience. Your theme will be reviewed as soon as possible, there is no submission that has been lost in the process.



No, not yet. It’s still under review. In-fact, yesterday it turn into “Temporarily hold for further review” state. Now I don’t know, how many more days I have to wait for a Onepage HTML Template. :frowning:


You’re right, but more than 28 days for a HTML item, it’s too much. My last long time waiting was 22 days and the item was little big. But this one is a Onepage HTML template. Now it turned into “Temporarily hold for further review”. Now you can know, it will take another 10+ days to be reviewed. Don’t you think that’s too much??


From Author perspective it’s like eternity, yes. For Reviewer it’s a never ending queue of items that he has to carefully review and provide additional support/comments if needed for every detail he finds.


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thank you for your prompt reply :wink: actually I have also one project in a queue (since 24 days) and I was just curious how much time take for @envalab because our items were submitted around the same time. I am waiting and waiting but to be honest I am little bit impatient :wink:


I understand that. But Envato needs to recruit some more reviewer. It seems like only 3-5 people are reviewing PSD, HTML, WP item. Those are big category that people submit a lot of item every day. Market are getting big, item submission are getting high, but I don’t think review team are increasing as well.

As you know, now item submission has limit. Nobody can submit many item if they want. Do you think it actually fulfilling the purpose of saving review time???


Be patient, they don’t care about authors, not anymore. Envato now focusing their own business, they are doing their own marketing, they don’t do marketing for authors, not anymore. They are taking more fees than before, but they are not spending those money for authors marketing. Because authors are doing marketing for their own. That’s funny, you’re giving Envato fees for your item marketing and you’re also spending money to do your own marketing for bring clients to Envato Market. And Envato taking this advantage to sell their Elements.

As a author if you don’t like this, you’re welcome to leave the market, Envato don’t care. :slight_smile:


Mine is submitted 35 days ago and still under futhur review. I am happy as I am not alone.


This is not something to be happy!. It’s a big waste of time.
Anyway yours HTML item or WordPress Item??


Its HTML… yes you are right.


Not reviewed yet?


Really 35 days! for one of HTML…