HTML Item review delay....Submitted 34 days ago

If review turned into “Temporarily held for further review”. It really takes time to get feedback.

If review turned into “Temporarily held for further review”. 35 days is normal. Nothing to be shocked. Envato review is now this type of something.

Why brother??
Don’t you like forum discussion?

Why you misleading forum people??

My friend template reviewed after 22 days and it was a multipage template.
I don’t think, my this template will be review soon. Now it’s under further review. It won’t be back to review queue soon. Don’t know how many more days need to be wait for get review feedback. :frowning:

May be I am lucky but my items are always reviewed on time. Like if the average time is 24 days then my item get reviewed on the same day :slight_smile: Recently my two items got approved and both were on time.

Yea, you could say you’re lucky. :+1:

My other template already reviewed, but this template still Held for further review. Not sure what’s going on…!!!

Finally after 35 days, it approved. :slight_smile:

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Nice you job approved, regards.