The same style but rejected.

This design was approved :

This was rejected:

Where is logic :slight_smile: ?

hi buddy, well i had the same problem at a time, when i had uploaded a flyer that was approved and afterwards i tried to upload the equivalent Facebook cover , which has been canned … i guess u did not have to do with the same reviewer and that tastes and expectations were not the same from one guy to the other …

however, if u do,'t mind that i tel you how i feel, i like a little bit more the one approved than the other one, and there are two reasons for this. First, the position of the logo is more central and values it more in the approved one than in the other one … . Otherwise, the first one looks a bit better organized as elements are more aligned , the other one is cool also in my view, but displayed in a more artistic way (in a way) and maybe this is not that suitable for them according to the fact that corporate items are more about organization, readability, typo and so on rather than any other thing

The typography looks too randomly placed on the rejected one. Not very organized, quite poorly done.

i think that u are a bit harsh on this one Martin. The typo is more randomly placed, i do agree and i mentioned about it, not for me the term “poorly done” looks a bit a severe word indeed, are u in a bad mood today? lol

n2n44, ToivoMedia - thanks for feedback.

I understand situation when the second design is soft rejected. But hard rejection means to me: we don’t like it, it won’t sell, it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality.

Hey Arkadio, i can understand your frustration, we all invest much time and effort in what we do , however, take a wilder look at the situation as it is today, there are so many authors and items that some of our items are just being overflowed and make no sale or almost … . That’s the sad reality indeed. So they make some choices , they reject much more than in the past , etc … and some guys are sometimes being unlucky because sometimes there are a few flaws too and lower quality items accepted and better ones not making it …

in any case, i know that’s really hurtful for you , this is hurting much feelings when we get rejected after so much effort , but all i can advice is just go back to work and try to make something that can in no way be rejected … that’s the bets thing u may do :wink: