Heelp ! My Flyer is rejected , i think it's pretty good :/ , why why !!



Heelp ! My Flyer is rejected , i think it’s pretty good :confused: , why why !!




i really have no idea, i think this is good too , indeed so very much better than a lot of flat or poor things that they keep on accepting daily … the whole thing makes always less sense … the more they raise the standards, the more poor things keep on going on and good ones (some guys have 3000 or 2000 items that should all or almost be rejected …), get trashed …


Hi Moryas,
the design is very original and nicely executed but in my opinion the main trouble is in the typography. I guess you used the font Steelfish here for the footer. Keep all the footer uppercase and change the fonts for Rock Night and Party which are probably the main problem. They are not pairing well and the blue outer stroke is ruining the main title even more. Also i noticed that the guitar has a very thin stroke at the bottom, because it wasn’t cut out properly, consider removing that.
Good job, keep working on this cool item !


I think it’s pretty cool. Somehow they reject some cool stuff and some lower quality designs go to the market. There should be a reviewer that oversee the designs reviewer work. Got a lot of hard rejections myself. Believe in yourself and keep trying.


hi my friend, as we mentioned together that may also be because of the grunge style on the main title …


believe it or not but it seems that they are supposed to have reunions about what is acceptable or not lol in the end , the same problems as usual keep going … lol so this basically means that the supposed work they do this side is just pretty inefficient indeed … i have said for very long already that reviewers should not only see what they have to “judge” but the global set of what is approved daily so that there is coherence in what is approved and rejected , besides m this is also unbelievable that a mere footer or just a typo alone can result in having a whole work hard rejected … when people could be told what is wrong fix it and have their items approved instead of having their items trashed …