The increase in ratings when buying



Hello everyone! I want to raise the topic of ratings in connection with the low conversion of purchases into a rating.
After all, if a person buys an item, it is likely that this item meets its requirements. But very few people leave an assessment to item. Nevertheless, the rating is important in the Envato market, for example, when assigning an item to free files and other shares. Perhaps we should increase the conversion? For example, to offer the buyer to evaluate the goods when buying. Induce and encourage him to do this. What do you think about it?


I think it would be nice to offer buyers a rating in the body of the letter, which automatically comes after the purchase.


I think it would be right to send the buyer a reminder (by Envato) about it in a week or two after his purchase when he has already used/tested the item.


Good idea, I support this!


They tried that. Pretty annoying if you’ve bought dozens of items, and you’re getting dozens of reminder emails.


Maybe it could be simplified somehow to make it easier for the buyer to leave his feedback in one click…


Think even a banner with a reminder of the rating is enough, when there is a purchase. Or a pop-up. To put the assessment of a matter of seconds