Idea !

Why can we access the customers email to remind them to rate our stuff? (only thru envato to avoid spam )
that would be really helpful !

Unfortunately this will open the gate for spam and many will spam the customers. Customers hate spam.

not if we are allowed to send only 1 email directly from envato statement section !
this will be really clean !

or maybe envato could send automated mail to rate our items if they liked them ! its on the customers to unsuscribe

I don’t like this idea either. If buyers want to follow you they can do so through your rss or social media feed.
And there is no need for you to contact them.
Also: What’s the point with ratings? No one cares :smiley:

dont know man ! i think rate helps !

What for? Search algorithm for sure, but:
If every author sends rating notifications, every author will be ranked higher and therefor will be in the same situation again on search engine rank.
Also if your item is good, it will sell good and receive some ratings.

i see 5000 sales and 20 ratings! how you explain that? its easy ! buyers are bored to rate ! or maybe some of them dont know rating exists ! anyways its just an idea !

I get your point.
Well, I don’t like the idea of enabled emailing for authors.
But what envato could do is set a reminder to rate items. Like a small popup on the buyers dashboard or something like that.
But than again it won’t affect your sales since every author may experience higher ratings.

yeah thats one nice option !

Let’s see it that way:
If you receive a rating, you really deserved it since the buyer went back (after the short waiting time) just to rate your item :smiley:

yeah i have 100 sales and one 5 star !that doesnt mean that they dont like my music ! they buy my tracks so they like them ! its somethin else !

hi, because they are afraid that u make business without going through the marketplace , in short that u get all the money … by making a deal with someone who may be interested in your work and having direct “arrangement” between buyer and seller …