What if Envato encouraged buyers to rate items by sending automatic email after a purchase?

What do you think?



Good idea but I think for some of clients it will be kind of busily…

If Envato cares, they could send an email to ask user for rating after 1 week purchased.
That’s how Lazada is doing and that’s great
@dtbaker (sorry for bothering)

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This feature is already available. Sign in to your account, go to Settings > Email Settings.
There is an option “Rating reminders” with which the buyer will get an email reminding to rate an item a week after purchase.

I have this setting on but don’t remember getting an email reminder to rate items I’ve purchased. So I’m not sure if it actually does anything? And also, I don’t know if it’s on by default, or if buyers need to activate it themselves…

But yes, I definitely hope envato does something to encourage and improve ratings ratio per purchase because it’s really low at the moment.

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I’m not sure if this feature is working or not but its already enabled by default.

Good Idea,

hi, for me the best would be to just stop with this rating system, as this is not legitimate in most cases … . Lots of guys have been complaining about it as they had some bad surprises with guys not reading what they were buying and so on … and providing them with bad feedbacks. In addition, people willing to complain are more likely to come and rate when people satisfied are far from being taking some time to rate items in most cases … in short the rating is not at all the reflection of a reality concerning an author and his / her skills or the quality of his or her items, in other words it has no legitimacy whatsoever …

but maybe the idea u came up with could embetter , i am not sure, i think that we all receive a lot of things in our mailboxes and that we do not pay attention to things unless we are really interested in them … so i am basically not sure that they would really manage to “push” people into rating (especially satisfied buyers)

I didn’t see this post. I’ve asked the same thing. My items are not rate at all, buyers must have “reminder” somewhere.

interesting, wonder why this isn’t working… might submit a bug report to get the devs attention

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