Take two minutes to put a rating to an item you purchased!

Rather than complain about the absence of a rating, I offer this thread. I bought three items on Envato, and each time I was pleased to set the rating. I do not understand why it is difficult to do this for other buyers. Some of my tracks were purchased by people who have been reported, like me, as authors of Envato, but they did not rate the purchase. Why? You sell like me, and you must understand an importance these stars! If someone from the buyers reads this post, please take two minutes to put a rating to an item you purchased!

These things happen unfortunately. I don’t rate every hotel I stay at, every restaurant I eat at, and every item I buy from Amazon. Im assuming most people dont. Buying, downloading and using the item is the main priority… rating it is rarely going to be at the forefront of their minds.

Not really sure there’s much that can be done about that. I know there was a trial when they sent out emails to remind buyers… but in the month previously I’d bought about fifty items and the fifty emails weren’t exactly welcomed!

I appeal to those buyers who are just a little feel part of Envato. Those who see themselves as benefactors, can sleep peacefully :slight_smile:

I’ve just watched the Nosedive episode of the new Black Mirror season and will never rate anything again. :wink:

But seriously (and still somewhat related to that Black Mirror episode), I don’t rate every interaction. Buying a product does not always trigger a rating (unless the product turns out to be exceptionally good).

Outstanding support or documentation will bring me to leaving a positive rating easier.

Edit: This mostly concerns CodeCanyon purchases.

Music (if we talk about Audiojungle) is not something that you need to eat before you rate. Music or suited to the project or not. There is nothing to support and nothing to be documented. On Codecanyon or ThemeForest, perhaps, the situation is slightly different. And I’ll see the film. Thanks.

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I agree with you ratings are really important. All the buyers must give ratings with honesty :slight_smile:

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Good point @anon67740543. If there’s only the audio file, no support and no docs and quality can be determined up front (I’ve got zero experience with audio) then it’s a different story. But it makes me wonder why there’s 1 to 5 star rating at all on Audiojungle.

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