SWIFT Issues

Hello there

I have an issue with SWIFT payment. It is not received for about a month now.
Envato support send me Commbank receipt as proof of payment, but my bank insist on SWIFT transaction ID ( MT103 document ) to start investgation. They cant work with local commbank transaction ID.

Also Envato refuse to initiate payment trace from its side to help me find out the reason for stuck payment.

Can you guys share your experience, did anyone manage to get MT103 from Envato? Or maybe you did find another solution?

Thanks ahead, Serge

MT103 is a requirement for SWIFT process, all of of the banks are well informed about the document, probably Envato “support” didn’t want to get involved another process for tracking.

Contact them with this link again as well as with the current receipt you have from Envato, you can also contact the bank and request the document. Envato may not but the bank could provide it for you.

Thanks for info. I found this link a couple of days earlier. And sent it to support agent.
And you know what? First time they just ignore it.

I did repeat and point on it. And …

Our bank does not offer the option to us trace or produce an MT doc.

I also tried to contact CommBank directly. Here is their answer

From personal accounts we can lode a trace for international money transfers. We cannot assist unless we are speaking directly with the account holder. So advise them to call and speak with the Netbank team to discuss a trace of payment or IMT investigation.

Just copy/paste the bank’s respond to the support and ask again.


is it resolved? i’m facing same problem.