Why Envato do not deliver SWIFT Reference Number (Transaction ID) as a PDF to Authors?!

We use a Currency Exchange Institution for receiving our earnings from Envato.

This currency exchange institution needs Swift Reference Number (Transaction ID) - PDF Document for our Nov 2017 earnings.

Each time we send a request to Envato to send us this PDF file they tell us:

The swift number is an internal number used by our bank.

Envato should deliver a PDF document that shows they have sent money to authors successfully, Without this PDF document how can we claim for the money?

If someone in Envato Help Center reads this text please help us how we can receive this PDF?


You would need to speak to support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks, But i sent several emails to Envato Help Center and unfortunately they didn’t respond or they said what i wrote in my previous post: :pensive:

The swift number is an internal number used by our bank.

Unfortunately they should be the ones to help.

Do you need the PDF or just the transaction code? You do get that don’t you?

thank you charlie4282.

We didn’t receive anything. Not PDF and not transaction code!

In fact we need a PDF that contains Transaction ID.

We received this PDF 2 times before ( Sep and Oct 2017) but i don’t know why this time one of the Envato Help Center staffs don’t send it to us !!! Each time he said “The swift number is an internal number used by our bank.”

I think this is our right to have a document to deliver to our bank or currency exchange institute to claim our money. Am i right?

So, Now how can i receive this PDF Document ?

How can i find my transaction code?

Is there any section in Envato account (Videohive) that i can find my transaction ID for my withdrawals ?

I’m not the right person to answer that because I don’t sell items here but I thought that you got details (even if just the transaction ID) - maybe another author here can give you more info

Something here may help https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204160060-Your-Documents-FAQ-Glossary-of-Terms


Hi @digiphic At the moment, holidays! Wait for a reply from Envato’s support, (if you need a PDF format, only support will solve this issue) after the New Year, I think that your question will be resolved. Do not worry! :slight_smile:

Thanks CleanMagicAudio.

But this is an Online platform!
Nobody is looking at lots of tickets that are sent to Envato everyday?!

That’s Awful!

They look and answer! Support Envato works with a lot of requests (tickets) (you need to wait a bit) The main thing is not to worry about Envato support, not a single ticket does not go unnoticed! :slight_smile: Happy New Year and good mood!

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Thanks and i hope so.

Thank you very much and happy new year dear CleanMagicAudio

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