Difference between payment receipt provided by envato and swift MT103

Hey guys we are facing some issues with payment from envato via swift,

first time our payment got late in 2015 and received after about 1 month, After that all payments get normally but since November 2016 there is at-least one payment missing every month and getting after 2 - 3 months . Envato saying contact your bank they held the payments but our bank saying they haven’t received any payment and demand for Mt103 swift message in order to trace missing payment but envato saying they only have provided receipt no mt103. would you please your experience if some of you faced.

i am also really disappointed with envato help team they reply within 24 to 48 for common issues but they do not reply for weeks on such serious issue like payment, one of my payment is again missing which was to receive last month but last night ( after one Month ) i got reply from envato that they will launch a track on Monday. thats mean they will again waste 15 more days in tracking and i will not be able to withdraw my funds this month and if i got my funds back in next month i i will received January’s payment in may.