Support team needs an overhaul!

Hello everyone,
I am not sure if we should have brought this issue on here but after having not being heard by the support team I would like to share my disappointment with the help team.
We were meant to be paid by the 18th of last month latest,but,our payment was delayed.Upon contacting the support team we were assured for a prompt help.We paid an appropriate fee for looking this matter into.To our astonishment we were told there had been an issue with processing of the payment ,therefore,payment was again processed by the Envato and should have been received within next few days.( Previous 10 payment transactions suggest it never took more than 2 working days that too via Swift transfer to receive the payment but this time round it is over 20 days now) .
After another wait of 5 working days the payment is still not here. It literally has brought our business activities to complete standstill!.

What more disappoints us is a slow response from the help team. In this case,It has been very difficult and tiresome to get help from the help team. We have contacted them once again for further details regarding the matter but as we write this thread there is no answer or whatsoever from the help team yet.

We would like the help team if any of their members care enough to seriously address our concerns regarding non payment. We would welcome if anyone has anything to add about their bad experience with the help team.