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I have had a support ticket out for a month and still haven’t had it resolved. The number of the ticket is 789444 and when I tried to reply to it 4 days ago to inquire about it the system gave me a new number, 812197. I think a month is a bit long for a resolution to an issue. If I could get some help it would be much appreciated.

I probably posted this in the wrong section, I apologize, the “new” forum makes no sense to me. Sorry.

I am still awaiting a resolution to this support ticket for more than 2 months now. When can I expect to actually get someone to straighten this out?


It looks like the Help Team sent a reply to your first ticket 4 days after you opened it and the other ticket about 7 days after you opened it. Are you not receiving any of their replies?

I will resend their last reply. Hopefully, it gets through to you. Be sure to check your junk mail folder just in case.


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I am receiving their responses, they just have not done what they said they would do. It involves a payout and they keep adding me to the next month but the payout never happens.

Thank you for your help though.

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So after 2 months of waiting for this issue to be resolved, this is the response I receive from support, "Thank you for your patience. I just heard back from my supervisor and it seems like all payments which were to be processed in June have failed and these will be processed in July. I understand that this will most probably come to you as a huge disappointment and there’s probably nothing I can say to help. I’m sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

A disappointment? No, I was disappointed a month ago now I am in utter disbelieve of the incompetency of this company. This is just beyond my imagination that they cannot perform the simplest of tasks.

What kind of simple task are you wanting them to perform? Looks to me like they did indeed send a payment, but it failed:

Where are you withdrawing funds to? It may be worthwhile to check there and make sure there’s nothing stopping you from receiving payments.

When you cannot properly execute your job and it results in failure, you would think they would try again immediately since the failure was on their end but that would require good customer service skills which they have repeatedly presented that they do not posses. Why should I have to wait another month, the problem is not on my end there is nothing stopping the payment from being received on my end except that they are not sending it.

They did indeed send it, and it failed, as they said in your ticket:

If the failure was on their end, they would resend it. But in this case, something prevented you from receiving the funds, it was sent back to Envato, and thus the withdrawal failed. What can they do when you can’t receive the funds?

Use a different payout method or contact the company you’re withdrawing to. You may also be able to respond to the ticket and request more details on why it failed, so they can help you figure it out. However, considering the failure is not on their end, they may not be able to give you any more information.

So do you work for Envato? Are you part of the payout team? I am confused on how you have any knowledge of this issue to begin with? They only do payments once a month, if they mess it up they do not try again. I have been over this with them before and they always just hold it off until the next month. Please if you are part of their team, fix the issue because it is most definitely on their end, not mine.

Their response clearly stated, “all payments which were to be processed in June have failed” which means not just mine and my method of payout. That would seem to indicate that everyone’s payout failed.

This is a community forum, so I am a member of the community just like you. You can’t really get any support here.

As for your interpretation of “all payments which were to be processed”, this is poorly worded on their part however if payouts failed for June you would see thousands of posts about this since there are probably hundreds of thousands of authors who need their payouts each month. I received my June payout just fine as well as many others who have said so on the forums. Most likely Envato Support meant “all payments to you”. Unless we’re talking about a different platform than Envato Market?

Envato has a responsibility to ensure payouts reach all authors unless there is an error preventing them from receiving the funds.

Once again I would suggest you make sure 100% that the place you’re trying to withdraw funds to is not blocking or preventing the payment. Contact their support. Make sure the details you entered on the withdrawals page is 100% correct. And request more information on why the payout failed from Envato Support.

If you just leave everything as-is, then obviously payout will continue to fail until whatever is causing it gets resolved. The payout process at Envato is clearly automated, and it worked for everyone else except you.

I don’t seem to be able to get a resolution through a support ticket either. The problem lies with Envato, it has to do with them deleting portfolios from Photodune and then promising payouts to those authors, of which, I am one. They needed to do something special within their system which they are not doing to ensure all the payouts happened regardless of the amount of the payout (whether the payout was of the correct amount or not). They promised this to all the Photodune authors but I am still waiting.