March Payment Delayed


Is anyone else experiencing payment delay from Studio Envato?

I have recieved an email this morning saying that payment will be delayed. I’ve also contacted Payoneer and nothing is wrong on their side and Envato isn’t replying so I’m trying to figure out what is the issue.

Yes, I think everyone? I’m using paypal…

They did not provide any info at all except that email… Since the beginning of the year this is getting worse…

PS: Envato will only reply when you send early emails since they are from Australia… Last month they have sent the money manually…

Yes, me too I have the same issue, I’m using Payoneer.

I thought I was the only one. I hope they will resolve this issue in shortest time possible. I got used on regular payments and I just hope they’ll resolve this before weekend because well have to wait Monday.

@Generictec how long did you wait last month?

@DP-designs I had to wait until 9th March… and more 1/2 days to have it on bank account…

Thanks for the info! I really hope they will fast :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting

@WhoWP Me too.

@DP-designs @WhoWP @DevPlus31 I’ve received a couple hours ago. They said it’s fixed.

Am i the only one who is still waiting for march payment?

@Vopteem if you have more than 50$ I think you must contact envato team