Envato Studio Jan '16 Payments

Anyone else here who has not received their January payments for Envato Studio?
I know this is a little soon since it has been delayed for a day. But I’m kindda worried.

do u know what date we have?

Payments are supposed to come in on the 7th of every month.
I got in contact with Envato Support, seems like something wrong with Payoneer’s payment processor.

To quote email i got.
“We’ve recently received notification from Payoneer that their payment processor is temporarily unavailable, meaning our team have been unable to process your payout for February as of yet. Unfortunately as this is on Payoneer’s end, we’re not able to action your payout until this has been rectified.
We’re working with Payoneer to have this resolved as soon as possible. For now we do not recommend changing your payout details to ensure that your scheduled earnings from January can be smoothly completed once they have confirmed that Payoneer are ready to process payments again.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will let you know as soon as this has been resolved.

Yup, received the same email.
Hopefully this gets resolved fast.

I recived for Skrill the same mail, so i guess all payments procesors are unavailable :slight_smile: Interesting :wink:

I will get the money next month for what I closed this month… so what’s 1 more day delay …

I guess the problem has been fixed now, I just received my payment :slight_smile: