Payoneer Payout Issue

It is the 8th of the month already and I haven’t received my February payment from Envato Studio, is this everyone, it’s just me,
I received a message from supports but I just want to know if it’s a general issue

If your balance meets the minimum withdrawal criteria (currently $50) at the end of each month then you will be eligible to get a withdrawal and Your pending withdrawal will then be paid out on the 7th day of the following month.

So, hope you have minimum withdrawal criteria (currently $50) at the end of January and received email from envato studio notifying payment processed? If yes and not received the payment then you should contact Payoneer support.


Studio payments to PayPal at 7th has been proceed already and I have received mine. Could be an issue wiith Payoneer ( I’m sure that it has been payout already by Envato )

You should contact Payoneer support

@mgscoder The link you have shared is for Elements, not Studio

@mgscoder, @ki-themes my balance meets the minimum withdrawal requirement of $50, but I did NOT receive any payment notification, instead, I received a message indicating some sort of unexpected issue while processing Payoneer withdrawals this month.
I want to know if it’s only me or a general issue

Can’t say anything about the problem. You should contact Payoneer support. I don’t think the problem is on Envato part as PayPal payments has been processed already.

@ki-themes thank you, they have processed the payment