Envato Studio February Payout



Hi guys,

I’ve already searched but I could not find anything and staff still not answered my email.

Last month I’ve only received the funds on 8th February due the holiday (Portugal +00 GMT, PayPal) and now, it’s 8pm +00 GMT (7th) and I’ve still not received.

Anyone is experience this issues? It’s occurring since January



“Our team encountered a bug with our automated PayPal payouts this month which has seen a delay in payout amounts reaching service provider’s accounts. This bug caused earnings due to be paid out this month to temporarily appear as part of future earnings when viewed from Your Jobs page. We apologize for the delay as well as any confusion caused- our finance team have now manually processed this payout and it has been sent to your nominated account. If you are still encountering trouble locating your payout within your PayPal account, please let our team know and we will investigate further.”