Any Envato Studio Provider Here? Did you got your payout this month?


I am a service provider from Envato studio. Every month I got my payout released at 7th day. But in this month I didn’t got the mail from my Payoneer account. And I saw the payout box is gone from my jobs page in Envato Studio. That means they released the payment. But I didn’t got the payment. I have checked several times in my Payoneer account but I didn’t received any payment or no payment is pending in there. Where did it go? Did any body else facing this same problem or only me? Can anybody help me?


I haven’t received the payment as well but calm down. You will probably get the payment tomorrow ( worst case on Tuesday regarding to Easter holiday )

Hope it is the case… Actually I am tensed when I saw the next payment box is gone from my jobs page. Thanks for the info.

Your pending withdrawal will then be paid out on the 7th day of the following month. If the 7th falls on a weekend, or public holiday in Australia, the payment will generally be the next business day.


I have got an email form support stuff Alex today. He said there was an error in the details of my Payoneer. That’s why Payoneer rejected the payment. But I didn’t changed or edit or added any new payout details. Not within a year. I was receiving the payments in every month in that settings from long time. Even it was okay in last month. How can this happened suddenly?

Is this because they have updated the payout settings in the last month? I am talking about the one payment destination notification we revived throw last month.

You asked on my post few days back “Off topic, what would you like to discuss it anyway?”

This is one example of the discussion. We can discuss such things about Studio :slight_smile:

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Yes I got the payment

Envato has changed the payment methods recently and that could be the reason. There was no issue with my payment process, I have received it like 12 hours ago via PayPal

Only issue could be related to payments ( to discuss ) and at the end, you will end-up contacting the support anyway.

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