Envato Studio No Payout

is Envato Studio payout delayed? normally the withdrawal is processed by 7th or 6th, But my Envato Studio Account it is showing future payments as 0.00 however no payment has been received, any one facing such issue? Also What is with this Monthly payment, authors should be able to withdraw anytime they want. or may be a withdrawal twice a month would be much helpful.

If your balance meets the minimum withdrawal criteria (currently $50) at the end of each month, envato will automatically process a withdrawal for you and your balance will reset to zero. Your pending withdrawal will then be paid out on the 7th day of the following month. If the 7th falls on a weekend, or public holiday in Australia, the payment will generally be the next business day.

Thanks for your response, it is actually the next business day and i did meet the criteria, my balance is reset to zero but no payment made yet, this has never happened before, so i thought may be there is some general issue going on, i have contacted the support already.

i will keep everyone posted.

Also there must be a category of Envato Studio in the forum.


hope your payout will be processed today and you will get paid today. about forum category you can suggest to envato support team in your already opened ticket. Thanks

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It’s not only you but the problem is 7th falls to the weekend and 8th is ( today ) is public holiday in Australia. Money will be sent probably tomorrow

Yes you are right, Monday 8 June: Queen’s Birthday

Thanks :wink: