Just A Question On September 15(August) Withdrawals

Hi, as you know the 15th of the month is a Saturday, which means 2 days delay for September (August) withdrawals.

In the past, we’ve seen occasions where Envato let authors withdraw their money on 14th of the month.

Is there any chance?

You should assume to receive the payment on Monday ( 17th )

Assuming that was my primary reason to open this thread :innocent:

It’s hard to say anything. I could suggest to create a ticket and ask support but I’m sure they will copy/paste the same message to you. ( the thing that you already know )

Wait and see…

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Yeah I think the 17th is more likely. There was a run of ‘15th on a weekend’ months when they paid out on the 13th or the 14th, but that seemed to come and go. Fingers crossed though!

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