Request for Withdrawal on 12. January 2016...

…and getting the answer: complete this request on the 15 February 2016 (or the next business day),



This is the big advantage of the computer-age.
Everything happens very promptly…

All withdrawal requests made during the month, will be paid on the 15th of the following month, as long as you’ve met the withdrawal limits and the 15th doesn’t fall on a Saturday or a Sunday… then you’ll get it paid on the Monday.

Yes, that’s exactly, what I said.

And your answer doesn’t make it less strange.
And I can imagine, now you like to answer with a excerpt from the GTC.
And this would also change nothing…

Right. You seemed surprised at finding out you’d not get your money until February, so you gave the impression that you weren’t aware of how withdrawals work. I just wanted to clarify it for you, in case you still had any doubts.

Not sure if it’s strange or not. Although I’d like instant withdrawals as much as the next guy, I sell on a dozen other sites and all of them pay you in the month following any sales… the vast majority of them around the middle of the month.

u are right Scott, this is the process, we all ay wander why they are working the way they are (even if i have an idea …) but we have no choice but accepting the way it is anyway

Need a bit of buffer to handle all the complicated things like refunds, chargebacks and copyright complaints. These need to happen while Envato still has the funds. Once the funds clear to the author it makes processing a refund quite tricky. 15 days seems pretty good.

It’s still a “monthly” withdrawal. Doesn’t even cross my mind any more.

ABBA wrote a song about it, Meja, and many more…

The period of time from the moment the customer paid his items – to this moment the creator get paid has to be as long as possible. This makes fine extra-income for the company without efforts.

So the moderator is right: Everyone, really everyone is working with this nice system, even my bank does it with the »date of valuta«.

But I think: this is really not ok.