April's fool? Balance is now $0... (SOLVED)


Hello all,
I guess it is an "April’s fool, but I don’t find it very funny… My balance shows $0, as if the money had been transfered to my paypal account (this is what I thought at first), but it has not.

Not really funny.


Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month. To be eligible for a payout on the 15th you must have been eligible by the last day of the previous month.

For example, to receive a payment on the 15th February, you would need to have a payout destination set up and the minimum required for that payout destination on or before 31st January.


My payout destination has been setup a while ago… and I see a “withdrawal request” line, with the correct paypal address… But my paypal account is empty… And why do I see such a “withdrawal request” if you tell me it is supposed to be on the 15th?


End of month -> Envato account reset to 0
15th next month -> money transferred to Paypal.

Always been like this.



As the others have mentioned, this is how the payout system works. Your money is not lost - it is processing until the 16th this month (the 15th falls on a non-business day). You can find more information here:



Thanks! This is my first payout so I did not know, thanks for the explanation. It still sounds like a joke… So now we will be paid each month, but the payout will need 15 days to be “processed” ? It does not change anything, but it sounds so ridiculous :slight_smile:


That’s how it works here. At least it hasn’t changed since I was here 3 years ago. :slight_smile:


What if Envato has a secret bank which operates only during the 1st half of the month and uses our money for it?


What I find funny is simply the “withdrawal request” wording… As if there was a real request, and that it could only be accepted 15 days later.

But that being said, I am happy with Envato’s way of doing things :slight_smile:


yeah! this also happened to me… it’s not fun seeing this “0” in your balance… then I read a little more about payouts… and next I experienced some relaxation feelings :smiley:


yep, feeling totally relaxed as well now! :slight_smile:


It’s normal man!