WOW!! Received My First Cash in my Bank A/C

We are glad to receive a sms from my bank that we have received a cash from Envato.

But I am just wondering why it took 30 days to receive my withdrawals. Is there any way that we can speed up the things :slightly_smiling:. Just want to know if there is any tips that can help.

Thanks To all buyers and commenters, and we promise to provide the best and better products and support :slight_smile:

Hi, withdrawals are proceed on the 15th of each month.

If your question is why it took till today (18th). I guess that would be because the money was sent last friday 15th and arrived on your Bankโ€™s first business day.

Congrats on your first withdrawal! It is a huge milestone and awesome feeling (almost like Wayneโ€™s gif up there :grinning::shaved_ice: