Payment Delay Woes: Seeking Help for Pending Payouts from the Last 2 Months

Hello Envato Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to discuss a pressing issue I’ve been facing regarding delayed payouts on Envato. For the past two months, I have been eagerly awaiting my payments, but unfortunately, they haven’t been processed yet.

Despite my continuous efforts to resolve this matter through customer support, I haven’t received a satisfactory response. I’m reaching out to the community to seek help and advice from fellow authors who might have experienced similar challenges.

Has anyone else faced prolonged delays in receiving their payouts? If so, how did you resolve the issue? I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or guidance you can offer.

This delay has caused significant financial strain, and I’m feeling quite frustrated. Your support and shared experiences can make a difference. Let’s come together to find solutions and navigate through these payment delay woes.

I’m not sure lots of people are having the issue but probably few.
Have you checked the other topics related to the payments?

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate your suggestion to check other related topics, and I want to assure you that I have diligently explored various discussions in the community forums. Regrettably, I have not found any viable solutions to my payment problems.

I acknowledge that Envato updated its payout system in October, which has created complications for several authors, including myself. However, my concern now lies with the fact that we are well into November, and I have yet to receive any payment for this month. As a middle-class author, relying solely on Envato for my income, the sudden halt in payments for the past two months has plunged me into severe financial distress.

I have sent 13 emails seeking assistance, but unfortunately, I have not received any response from any support channel. Despite my persistent efforts, the lack of communication and resolution from Envato’s end has left me in a state of extreme anxiety and uncertainty.

I urge you to understand the gravity of this situation. The absence of income for two consecutive months has made it immensely challenging for me to manage basic necessities. As a loyal and dedicated Envato author, this experience has shattered my confidence in the platform.

I implore Envato to take immediate action, provide clear communication, and expedite the resolution of this issue. Timely payments are not just a matter of financial stability for me; they are a lifeline that ensures my well-being and sustenance.

I sincerely hope that Envato will consider the plight of authors like me, who are facing immense hardships due to these payment delays. Your support and prompt resolution are crucial in restoring my faith in Envato as a reliable platform for creative professionals.

I appreciate your response and efforts to help. I’ve thoroughly explored community forums but found no solutions to my payment issues. Despite Envato’s October payout system update, I haven’t received payments for two consecutive months. As a middle-class author dependent on Envato, this has caused severe financial distress.

I’ve sent 13 emails for assistance but received no response. The lack of communication has left me anxious and uncertain. Timely payments are vital for my basic needs. This experience has shattered my confidence in Envato.

I urge Envato to act urgently, provide clear communication, and resolve this issue. Timely payments are a lifeline for me and many others in my situation.

I hope Envato understands the gravity of our plight. Your prompt resolution is crucial in restoring our faith in Envato as a reliable platform.

Sending 13 tickets would make the things worse. You should’ve kept everything under one email/ticket.
Which payment method are you using? Did you set-up the new payment settings?

I already moved to your new system. And this is my seriously issue.

We are the customers who want to reduce full time envato, if full payment is not received on time then where should we go. We do not go to any other platform because we feel that Envato takes our responsibility. If this continues then even a middle class customer like us has no value.

The reason why you cannot receive the payment is due to your currency. ( INR )
The account has to be USD to be able to receive the payment and the minimum payment should be 500$. If you have less money than that, you cannot get the payment. You will need to use PayPal for it.

But I did not get any email or information about this that this would be only for USD, so now who is responsible for this, whether it is me or not.

It’s not Envato’s responsibility to inform you about this issue. It’s the basic information about international money transfer that you need to transfer the money as the same currency due to complications.

Just update your information and next month, you will be fine.

Check with your bank to see the total SWIFT charges btw. Envato will charge 25$ for the transfer but your bank will also charge you some money as expenses.

Which payout method you currently set up? You can use paypal or payoneer bank transfer. Local bank transfer takes much time

It does not mean that we are working for Envato or it is Envato’s responsibility to inform Envato users whenever there is an update. Or which of my tickets are you talking to the support center? I am not satisfied with your response because your response proves that I have no value here. I need proper solutions for this problem.

Do you belong to the envato support system? If so, please talk to your seniors. Yes, this is a very non-responsibility issue.

Bank Transfer

I appreciate your response and the information provided. I want to clarify that I have indeed contacted Envato’s support system previously regarding this matter. At that time, my payable balance was under $50, and I was informed that the payment would roll over to the next month. The support team clearly stated that the payment would be processed through bank transfer, and they did not mention any limitations regarding specific currencies or account types.

Given my experience over the last two years, I have consistently received my payments via bank transfer without any issues, regardless of the payment amount. Therefore, it is surprising to hear that the current situation is not within Envato’s responsibility, especially considering the past correspondence and successful payment transactions.

I would appreciate it if you could kindly reconfirm this information with the support system. If there have been recent changes in the payment policies or methods, it is crucial for Envato’s support team to inform authors promptly and clearly. Moreover, it would be helpful if they specify any currency or account type restrictions for bank transfers to avoid misunderstandings among authors.

I am committed to resolving this issue and ensuring a smooth payment process. Your assistance in communicating this concern to the relevant department would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, there was a payment system changes. Search the forum

No, I’m volunteer.

They cannot check your balance, i suppose and I assume they think you have enough for the transfer.

I had a conversation with the Envato support system, and they verified it as well. During this conversation, my balance was more than four times the minimum requirement, so I was supposed to receive my payment this time. The responsibility lies with Envato because we generate our income through Envato and not for any other website. If it were otherwise, Envato would not be responsible. You cannot say that it’s not Envato’s responsibility. If that were the case, no one would want to work here because it’s not about just making money, it’s about the trust and responsibility that Envato should uphold.

Hi @TrueulyMarket, i have same problem and did not get my last payout, i have opened ticket with support and they said payment status mark paid on their system
but i did not receive funds in my bank account. I have asked them to trace payment, i think they are working on it i hope it will be credit soon or return to envato. Thanks.

You’re using SWIFT/International money transfer and you need to do your homework as well. Envato is responsible to send the payment, if there’s a problem with the information you have entered, it’s not their issue/problem but as I said, you need USD account if you want to get it paid in USD.
If you use WISE or other payment system, there’s no problem for the money transfer.

You’re having different issue. If the payment has marked as “sent” it’s your bank need to find the money and credit it to your account. It may take 5-10 working days, in some cases.

I have received good news from my bank remittance department, they said payment arrived in intermediate bank and they kept it from last 2 weeks and did not credit to my account. My bank officer suggest me to contact Envato to send query to their sender bank about this situation, so intermediate bank release payment.