Authors have not received their payments since July - An appeal to the administration from authors.

Dear Envato Administration,

This forum topic is raised on behalf of a significant number of authors. We earnestly request the Envato administration to show utmost commitment in addressing the payment issues.

Until this spring, we, the authors, faced no issues receiving our payments. They arrived punctually, as expected. However, since this spring, we’ve encountered problems. Initially, payments were delayed by a month or two. Suddenly, on payment days, we started receiving requests for verification and confirmation of identity/residency. Many authors sent you the same documents 5-10 times. They were accepted, with confirmations that everything was in order, yet the payments were not made. Then, the same documents were requested again, repeating this cycle up to 10 times.

The support team has been unhelpful in resolving these payment issues. The standard response is that if it didn’t go through this month, it would be processed the next. For instance, we did not receive our payments from Envato Market for July. We submitted all requested documents, received approval, but the funds did not arrive. Support promised that these funds would be transferred in August. Yet, on the August payout day, we again did not receive these payments. Support then assured us of a September payout. Now, the September payout day has arrived, and once again, there’s no payment. We see that the funds for both August and July have been returned to our AudioJungle balance. There are no verification requests, no emails, absolutely no communication. This has been the case for three consecutive months.

Please understand that such a situation is unacceptable. You have deliberately altered a payment system that functioned flawlessly, and now we find ourselves having to repeatedly request our rightfully earned money. We comprehend that there might be occasional hiccups causing delays. However, we cannot fathom why you have withheld payments for several months and blatantly disregarded your commitments to the authors.

We implore you to take all necessary actions and process all due payments IMMEDIATELY.


“I fully support the author of this post.
I haven’t been paid for three months now. I was asked to submit documents, which I promptly did. The support team assured me they would resolve the issue, but the funds simply return to my Audiojungle balance. All my documents are in order and fully comply with Envato’s policy.
You changed the payment provider on your platform, and what has this led to?
I strongly urge you to immediately disburse all the funds you have not paid out. Please do not shift the issues with your new provider onto the authors.”


Same +1





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I’m completely fed up…!
Payments are not receiving properly after this Envato’s “New” payout system change.

It is 18th now, but I still didn’t receive the July Elements payout.
Not even the email.



Can you tell us which payment methods you may be using? I think there is some delays, but from what I understand it is delays between payments leaving Envato, then being processed by the companies concerned, and then getting to the authors. I think this should be okay later on with future payments, but if you have doubts, then you need to contact Envato.

While I’m waiting for an answer from you regarding the absence of three payments for Audiojungle already, I suddenly have another failure of payments for Elements
Since May, I have NOT received my Elements payments every month. I write in support, you tell me that documents are needed, I send them, you write that everything is fine and my account is ready to receive payments. But only at next month (next payout). A month passes, and again no letters or money come. I write to you in support and it all repeats.
From May to September, I only received my Elements payout 1 time (August 15)
During this time I have SUCCESSFULLY passed your verification 5 times
And here it is again. On September 20, instead of receive money for Elements, a verification request comes again. I’m sending the documents again. And again I don’t get paid.
Just think about it. From May to now, I only received a payment on Elements once.
And the last time I received Audiojungle payment was in July.
I support a family that now I have nothing to feed. I have been writing for Envato 24/7 for almost 10 years, and I would never have believed that you would throw your authors for money like that
Why are you doing this? Why are you mocking me? I am a conscientious author. You can technically verify that I am in Armenia. I’m already passed your verifications 5 times! I already send you a bank statement with an address, a payment invoice with an address, a rental agreement with an address, a photo of DHL courier business letters addressed to me with an address, during my stay in Armenia I have even received an Armenian driver’s license.
What else do you need? If for any reason you don’t want to work with me, say so directly. Why mock me?
This is the sixth time I have sent you documents for verification (the first 5 times verification was completed successfully, so your support answered me)

Please tell me, what should I say to children who have nothing to eat?
What should I say to the landlord of the apartment, whom I have nothing to pay because of you?
For almost 10 years on Envato until this spring, there have never been problems with payments. And now, instead of writing music, to which I have devoted my whole life, I am looking for a job as a taxi driver in a foreign country. This is monstrous! It’s very difficult for me to put into words what I feel.


The same problem.

There appears to be no reply from an Envato staff. I hope this doesn’t happen to authors located in the Philippines.

The same problem.