Anybody having issues with payments?

there was some changes Envato made around Feb-Mar 2024, so i had to reupdate the payment method, which I believe was every authors needed to. So I had payment info updated 23 March.

on 31 March, I got mail
“Your Market Earnings have been calculated”

15 Apr, 2024, I got mail
“Envato sent you a payment” to local bank transfer in Bangladesh with note
“You should receive your payment on Monday, April 22, 2024”

and on April 22, 2024, got another mail
“Envato Market: Your payout has been processed (i.e. we sent you money!)”

But still haven’t received any payment on the bank. so contacted envato customer support, and support says its being held by the central or intermediary bank, which didn’t happen before nor do i have to go through that when i’m using other payment providers on other marketplace.

I asked to recall the money inside envato account again, but support says its a long process and even says its not guarateed that will be back! and i need wait 6 weeks!! bruh!

Is there anyone from Bangladesh having this problem?

or is it something related to Envato not paying authors as they sold their company on 2 May?

Authors, Could you confirm if you’re receiving payment from Envato anymore?

I’m not sure if it’s still required but for your country, you may need to submit C-Form to the bank every month. Please, search the forum as “Bangladesh” you will find details