Submitting to wrong category = Hard rejection?

Let’s say each category has certain criteria to follow in order to receive approval, so if the same track was rejected from one category, does this mean it could have more approval chances if it was just submitted in the right category?

I’m asking from the experience, that I did a mistake and submitted a high-quality Arabic music under the “Corporate” Catagory, they were all rejected without a single comment.


This can not be, usually they write a comment, the reason for rejection. Check your email more carefully.

The same track sent unchanged after a hard rejection? It does not need to be done regardless of the categories, because your account can be blocked, in accordance with the instructions for uploading items and the rules for uploading items to the Envato Market.
Try uploading these tracks here (which have been rejected), and the forum will help you understand the reason for the hard rejection!
Good Luck!

Not my case, not a single useful comment, only this broad automated comment:
“Thank you for your submission, But this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

However these are the tracks rejected, I opened a topic for it a few days ago, but I’m not quite happy with the number of people replied.

I see.