5 Tracks rejected altogether? (I'm not really an AJ junior)

Hello, I cannot find a reason why these tracks are hard rejected.
Yes, they are my First submissions from my new Exlusive account, but I have an old non-exclusive account as well but I haven’t seen this amount of rejections in there, and I’m very confused and frustrated.

  • Are the reviewer’s over-harsh at new accounts?
  • I posted these tracks on Corporate, and Inspiring Categories, so if I submitted them on World Beats will this give them a better approval chance?
  • Can I re-submit them under the World Beat category?

Hope to learn from your reviews.
Thanks in advance!

I think you should try to make more easy and simple arrangments. Your music has a lot of potential and moreover uniqueness because it is really arabic but you should think about video producer ears in the need of an easy music as a background and not so busy material.

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Thanks, I will work on simplifying my works more.