Made submission in 48/24 by mistake, hard rejected, can I resubmit?

Hi guys, just found out that few rejected tracks I submitted was in wrong format 48/24, instead 44/16. I did it by mistake. Tracks was hard rejected. Can it be a reason for hard reject? Can I resubmit the tracks? Any advise, guys? What do you think?

I don’t think this alone was the reason for the hard reject. But a few little things like that can result in a hard reject. It depends on the quantity of those little things. So the fact that your tracks were hard rejected means that according to the reviewers, there were at least a few other flaws in your tracks. Probably the best course of action would be to post the tracks here and let the other users review your tracks before re-submitting them again.

When it happens to me, reviewer is soft rejecting my item and he is asking for correct format. When music is ok, it shoudn’t be the reason for hard rejects, altough it can have some minor judgement impact on reviewer :wink:

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So its not automatically rejected if the format is wrong. Good to know! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks OvertSounds, I guess i’ll just move forward. My thinking was that wrong format was rejected automatically, maybe before reviewer saw it, so if not the reason is music ))