My first song was hard rejected do you guys have any idea why?

At first it was soft rejected and they asked if I could add versions to the details, and then they soft rejected it for the bit rate and then they hard rejected it for not putting on the audiojungle watermark on my preview (but in the email it said I could resubmit it, it just became uneditable). Is this normal? I know I was dumb for not reading and figuring these things out beforehand but doesn’t it sound kind of odd that a track could be ready for submitting and it would get rejected like that. Is there a limit to the amount of “soft rejects” they allow you? Either way I’ve learned for the future so now I know what to do before uploading. Thanks guys.

Hey JL9!

Well, on the bright side, a soft rejection means your track meets the site quality standards so, composition and production wise it has potential! :slight_smile:

Thing is that the amount of authors and daily uploads is so enormously huge these days that they simply can’t afford to spend 3 or 4 revisions, specially about stuff that is clearly stated in the uploading specs.

Just make sure everything is complying to the site’s requirements the next time around and you should be good to go. Welcome aboard!

Thanks! One more thing. Should I try resubmitting this one with everything meeting the requirements now or will they just reject it again since it was already rejected before?

If you’re sure you catched and corrected all the details they mentioned in the soft rejection and that you’re now complying with all the format requirements, I would definitely give it a try.

Wish you luck!

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