New rejection policy?

OK so the new rejection policy is really weird… can we no longer improve our tracks and re-upload them then? Is it just like… ok we randomly reject your tracks and when we do just throw them away and make another one?

Seeing as recently 90% of new tracks (of the same or higher quality than the other 100+ tracks in my profile) are being hard rejected, thats not viable for me as I don’t have unlimited time. Anyone else have this problem? By the way im a professional sound engineer & self-confessed audiophile nerd. I KNOW my tracks haven’t gotten worse so the review process must have changed.

Are other sites like this too? If not then ill be cancelling my exclusive agreement and going somewhere better, or just leaving altogether. Sales have been slowing down anyway, and my overall rank for sales hasn’t so im guessing Audiojungle is struggling pretty badly right now? Anyone else having a simular issue?


I thought that always you can’t re-upload rejected tracks, no?

Well im fairly sure they have changed the wording the rejection email. Now it specifically says you can’t reupload it but before we were able to remaster, change instruments etc and make them better.

I spend days on each track so I really do need the chance to change them if they get a (seemingly random) hard rejection.

Are you sure you’re not confusing hard rejections with soft rejections?
Also my sales have been picking up lately despite that I haven’t uploaded recently.

No im not getting soft rejections anymore, just “throw it away and try again” 80%-90% of the time now.

Must just be me with the low sales though, still trying to work out why exactly… It really saps the moral when sales slow to barely anything and Audiojungle won’t take any of my new tracks

@MidnightResistanceAu Yo! I recently had a hard rejection, but despite the wording of the email I re-submited a new version and it was accepted. Hope this helps.

Pretty sure you can re-upload as long as it is different enough to be considered a new item. If it’s getting hard rejected, probably more than one small thing needs tweaked. I believe the wording has to be firm otherwise they would just be flooded with re-uploads.

Thanks for your input all, its nice to hear others experiences with this and yes I understand they must word it correctly, especially after the huge influx of low quality tracks earlier in the year…