My Reject story

Hello friends!
Last year one of my uploaded tracks got rejected.

As you might guess:

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Last week i made a little revise to the track. What i did: there was a whistle sounded chorus and i deleted that part only.
I uploaded again then approved.
Here is the Interesting part:
What happened then?
3 sales in a week and one of them is a broadcast license:)
Lesson to be taken:
Never give up!

Btw thank you envato review team for the second chance.


I am very happy for your experience and I thank you very much for sharing it with us.

In this case, what also happens is that there is a significant risk when you re-submit a track after it has been strongly hard rejected since it is assumed that there must be significant changes to be considered a new item. Since for minor changes (like your song) should be a soft reject and then solved by the author.

Anyway sometimes it is common sense that if you find the “failures” for which your song has been rejected even though they are small give it a second chance I think it is very constructive and positive for all


Thank you octopusic. Yes i take risks and resubmitted a hard rejected track. Although my first version with whistle sound was good for me, i thought that it would be the only problematic part of the track. Dont know may be reviewers focused on palm muted corporate tracks. May be i broke some rules but it worked for me.


So cool you did it.:slight_smile:

It did not mean with my message that you broke rules moreover after many sales after approved. I just wanted to point out some lack of clarity in the rejecting issues process and how for us as authors get a bit unoriented what to do with our rejected tracks for it sometimes.


Well… looks like you sent your item to two different curators… and the second curator liked your track independently of your first uploading. Maybe he/she didn’t know about your first rejection.
Well… congratulations and you said very well… never give up! :slight_smile:

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