Anyone else experiencing a recent increase in rejections?

Hi Friends,

I’ve recently noticed an increase in the amount of rejections I’m getting. I’ve been submitting several tracks a week for the last two years, and I generally have a good idea of what will be accepted. I typically have around a 95% acceptance rate, but lately it seems to have dropped significantly (with no change to the quality of music I’ve been submitting).

Just curious if there was some sort of policy shift at AudioJungle, or if it’s just coincidence.

Hey Jack,

I’ve definitely been through the ringer on rejections, doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of consistency to it… stuff of same genre, produced at same time, same quality, one piece gets accepted, others rejected. I wouldn’t even care all that much if AJ wasn’t such a PITA to upload to compared to other sites.

Thanks for the response. The reviewing process does seem a bit capricious, but I know it’s difficult when there’s so much subjectivity involved.

I’ve been getting these “Temporarily held for further review” lately.

8 track hard hard rejection i got this month so far :frowning: feel confusing and i dont know whats the reason

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