An increase in rejections?

Hey everyone! I’ve been submitting music to AJ regularly for the past year. While I get the occasional rejection, I would put my approval percentage at well about 90%. Recently, my last 3 tracks have been rejected, which is really odd for me.

I know rejection happens, and I honestly am totally cool with a rejected track every once and a while (we’ve all got a lot to learn and improve on!) However, when I go from 20+ items in a row being accepted and then all of the sudden 3 in a row get rejected, I have to wonder if Envato changed their reviewing guidelines or if something else is going on.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in rejections?



I have, several of my track being held for further review and then obviously rejected, i’d say they were pretty simple and there is almost nothing you can do wrong. To add a bit spice on it, two of them was rejected due to arrangement/commercial utility, but they made 95% by the reference track. Anyway, i guess you are right it’s becoming a bit harder now. All we can do is trying to make better ones, i guess :smiley:

I’ve never understood the ‘further review’. Every time I’ve had one of those it’s always been a rejection.

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I had “further review” once and it was approved.

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As far as i remember, i had 2-3 “held for further review” tracks and all of them were eventually approved. But it was year 2015-early 16.

Last two musics have been rejected. Also have the same feeling as you @JackWinn