How "on it" are they about resubmitting a hard reject?

I’m guessing there’s more than one person reviewing the track. I’m also guessing the criteria for rejecting a track is subjective to which ever person happens to be reviewing it.

So what if you tweak/edit/re-mixdown/re-master the track and change the the title? Could you get away with resubmitting it?

Very likely yes, I did it at least once myself a few years ago and the same track was approved. It is against the rules though but if you don’t do it repeatedly a bunch of times I wouldn’t expect you to feel any harsh consequences. You’re right there are multiple reviewers, but still you should strive to create tracks that sound as good as successful approved tracks on the site.

If you’ve significantly reworked the track, there’s no need to be shady about it. You can tell the reviewer the track was previously rejected and list what you’ve modified.

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