Resubmitting: When is the "same" track not the same?

Hi All,

I’ve new to the world of stock music and AudioJungle. However, I’ve got off to a bit of an unfortunate start. The first track I submitted was (quite rightly) rejected because it didn’t meet the required technical standards. Here’s the thing though: I bounced down the wrong version of my track by mistake!!! (like the idiot that I am!) The track I submitted was essentially a preliminary, unmastered mix. (I know, I know, I should have been more careful and reviewed my file before uploading etc…).

The rejection email stated that I am not allowed to resubmit the track. Fair enough, there’s no point in resubmitting the same file. However, is the correct version of my track, which differs significantly in terms of overall levels etc, the “same” track? Musically, it is identical. Qualitatively, miles apart.

Essentially, is it ok to submit the track or will this just annoy the reviewers? (I understand the track could still be rejected on grounds other than technical).

What do you think, guys?

Give up on the track or chance my arm?

Hello ! Read here . Only if the track is significantly different (mixing , composition, arrangement, etc.) from the one that was hard rejected, then you can send it as a new item! Good luck!

I think you should not submit the proper mixed version right now, it may be considered as resubmission of previously rejected item. Instead, make a ton of new tracks and submit them, and return to that rejected track some times later. With fresh new ears and mind you’ll defenetely decide change something in it - and voila, you have a brand new track, wich is made of the old one rejected one. Don’t focus on one track, we’re on factory here, we don’t have time fo that.

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Thanks. I think you’re absolutely correct. I’ll put it aside for a while. I’m just kicking myself for submitting a track that obviously wouldn’t be accepted! Who knows though - perhaps the proper version wouldn’t have been accepted either. I’ve only just started this, so I’m still trying to work out exactly what is required. Onwards and upwards!