I know the revivers are doing a very good job!!! It happens sometime (I think very rarely) that an item is rejected by mistake but it is the rule and I think authors are agreeing with that because the website have to select the best tracks to avoid saturation and keep the quality…
One of my track has been rejected some months ago and this track is now my best or one of my best track concerning the sales (tv ads, corporate videos….) For a musical point of view, the track is not my favorite and I understand why the item was rejected but from a commercial point of view it makes many sales (I don’t know why) and I think it should work well on AJ.

As it happens not so often and to make the most of it do you think I can resubmit the track?

Resubmitting is at your own risk. If they find out somehow that you violated the rules, you could get a ban. So I wouldn’t do it unless you made some very noticeable changes or something.

If you do resubmit with changes I’d suggest being upfront and add a note for the reviewer saying it was a hard reject previously but you’ve now improved it. That way there’s no danger of it looking like your trying to break the rules and the worse that can happen is another reject. (I did this with a HR’d item and it all worked out fine.)


Thank you @Flowsophe @PaulGraves
You are probably right. I don’t want to break the rules… I will think about it before doing something…