Resubmiting Hard Rejected songs


Yes I know they say this item is hard rejected and can not be resubmitted until enough changes are made so that the item can be considered a completely new item.
That makes sense when rejection is based on arrangement/composition/commercial value.
But what when they reject on the grounds of bad samples/mixing/mastering ?
Updating to better samples and remixing/mastering obviously will not result to something completely different?
How do i resubmit improved version than avoiding being punished for reupload?


Just add a note to the reviewer stating the track was previously rejected but that you have considerably improved the mix/samples/mastering and you are not trying to abuse the system.


You think it would do? You done so?


As a matter of fact I have, once. I really thought it was one of my best track and was not ready to let go. A fellow author on here kindly offered to redo the mix and I reuploaded with a note attached similar to what I wrote in my previous post.
Nothing bad happened to me :slight_smile: As long as you’re being honest, there is nothing wrong with trying to improve your work. Just don’t push it.


Ok, thank you, you helped :slight_smile: