Soft Rejection then Hard Rejection

Hi everyone.

I submitted a tune and go a soft rejection. The email asked me to fix some silence and remove a watermark. I did this and 10 minutes later I got an email indicated that the piece was hard rejected. Here’s what the email said:

“Unfortunately it was only able to be fully auditioned once you have made all the technical corrections, and after a full team review it was determined that too many aspects of the arrangement do not meet the general commercial utility standard required to be accepted.

For this reason we won’t be able to approve this submission, unfortunately”

What I don’t understand is, why have me fix things, only to rejected it after?

I don’t get it, why bother and waste all this time on something that would be rejected anyway. Did someone not listen to my track fully?

Has this happened to anybody else?


Where is the track?

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The watermark might be too loud for the reviewer to hear the track properly. My only guess.
Good luck!