Feedback on a rejected track.

Hello everyone!

I just got my piece of music rejected and am looking for some feedback on the track itself.
Here it is: Intro, Travel Music

Thank you for your input in advance, SSA.

Hi, what category you choose when submiting?

I chose “Music, corporate”. It’s been rejected due to insufficient quality.

Resubmit and choose abstract category, they will accept it + “t’s been rejected due to insufficient quality”, this is the same and only reason they provide every time :wink:

Thank you for the input. I’m a bit concerned about putting it back into the system as it was “hard rejected”. Is resubmitting into abstract category a right thing to do? I’m kinda new here and wouldn’t like to get any kind of restriction put on my uploading abilities.

I’ve done this several times despite the hard rejection, write to the reviewer that you have mistaken categories.

it’s safe so dont worry

What? This is prohibited by Envato rules. You are fortunate that reviewers have not noticed this. If a reviewer notices this, you may be banned.

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I’m going to let this one go and abide by the general rules. My gut tells me to play it safe. Thank you for your time guys :slight_smile:

Amazing :unamused: