Spammer in Comment page

Hi all,
Is it any chance to ban a spammer who post in items comments? Basically I take it ok, and just ignore such comments. But this guy started to use big font size, and I couldn’t ignore this shout any more. So I ask him to stop doing it, but unfortunately he didn’t understand the words.
So is it any way to keep him out from my items? I just want my comments to be clean (without ugly big text) for customers.

Hi @secondfalseiteration

You can Flag it to report and Envato Team will review and will take necessary action as required.


I don’t want to flag a comment each time that it appears and spend my time for it. I want to solve this problem once and for ever.

If you get rid of this guy, another will pop up soon enough. It’s just the nature of marketplace. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t affect sales. Just best to ignore it

Nobody before used big font size, it’s nonsense! What will be next? Gifs?

@secondfalseiteration I usually receive comments from this author, but just one and positive. Never had a problem with him or several spam comments. Sorry, but that´s my particular case. So If I were you, just ignore it and that´s it.


when you will flag just leave a comments and Envato Team will take care of this.


I don’t want to ignore it, so I open support ticket (request number 1315735).
It will get worse if we ignore such spammers, who don’t understand simple words. Today they use big fonts, tomorrow they will use pictures, then gifs. It’s not what I want to see when my item is approved on market.

I had similar issue too, it’s partially possible to solve it by giving these spammers their own medicine. Every time I receive such comment now, I post message like:

I just checked your profile and you copy/paste exactly the same comment for every item on the market. Do you really believe everyone is so stupid to believe you buy every single item on marketplace and find it “great”? If you do, I’m sorry for you… Because you are nothing but a poor spammer with even poorer marketing “skills” who believes that posting spam comments with backlinks to his profile can help to increase sales. Thankfully, many Envato buyers get smarter and smarter, and they reject to buy items from low reputation authors like you. With this in mind, you may want to upgrade your marketing “skills” because the more spam you post, the more damage you do to your reputation in a long run. Thanks for your spam and good luck!

In 5 situations out of 10, it takes less than 30 minutes for spammer to report his own comment, so comment is not visible anymore and gets removed by Envato soon.

But I strongly agree that Envato MUST do something about this because these spammers abuse other authors by converting their item pages into spam link farms.

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At one time, he has been adding a clickable image in a comments. And this image redirected to his portfolio.
Aggressive self-promotion marketing :mag:

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Yeah… he’s been warned in the past by several members. If you feel he’s being especially aggressive with his commenting, please feel free to report him.

Comments should be relevant and constructive, and considering he comments on every new project on the marketplace, it’s obvious what his intentions are.


Here’s the problem: reporting this spammer will have very little effect. His comments will be removed, and this is it.

I think Envato should really update their terms and disallow this practice. Especially because this problem is old, was discussed multiple times in the past, and Envato promised they will do something about it. No actions so far…

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But is there any ability to block commenting option for him? I mean technically on Envato side. Because it’s not a problem of few comments, it’s an endless spam. If he comment each new project, I’m sure he use some kind of program that parse Envato Market, that is also not allowed.

I agree with @phpmillion. Envato is a great digital market with a huge reputation. And allowing such kind of spam is just decrease this reputation.

I think Envato has (or could implement) an option to disable commenting. Not sure why they don’t use it. I say that because I contacted Envato a few times about Revenge reviews (when buyer posts a 1-star review because you don’t add some feature requested by buyer or don’t provide support after support contract expires).

Both times I had evidence that it’s 100% revenge review, and both times Envato not only did remove these reviews, but also informed me that buyer will NOT be able to post bad reviews for my items anymore. So I think they have some secret feature there…

Now, it’s time to implement this for comments too. So if some idiot gets reported by multiple authors, he should be disallowed to post any comment on Envato, which means he won’t even be able to post legit comments (like asking pre-sale questions, etc.). Or (preferred scenario) his account should be closed because of converting whole marketplace into his own spam link farms. Such a change in TOS would stop spammers from posting “amazing item!” instantly.

If enough authors files complaints about him, that could likely result in his account being temporarily suspended, which would make him understand that he needs to discontinue the practice of spamming.

And if it continues, it could eventually result in the account being permanently terminated – it’s not the result we’d want, but there are guidelines, and everyone should be following them.

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He’ll get a message from the community team telling him to cease and desist, and if he continues long enough as @MotionRevolver stated he’ll get banned or his commenting rights revoked.

Always report spam guys. It’s taken very seriously by the support team.


Ow, yeah. I know him, he left at least 1 comment for every new/top item

Thanks @MotionRevolver and @Enabled. Nice to hear that there is clear steps to block such spammers.


Just be sure to report them and open a support ticket. Best move mate! Cheers! :slight_smile:

So just to be clear: flagging comment is NOT enough, right? The report should be submitted via helpdesk?

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